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3 Ways to Improve Your Jelly Sandwich

3 Ways to Improve Your Jelly Sandwich


But this is a food blog…

How are you going to write a post on a jelly sandwich? I can hear you asking me this now. And I know, it’s so simple! Grab some bread, slab or smother (my favorite) it with some jelly and you’re done. Well… you could be done.

I’m not trying to complicate this simple breakfast & snack staple too much—but with some quick tweaks you can improve your bfast dramatically.

OK, so how?

1. Use something new!

  • Get weird. If you’ve only bought strawberry and grape try getting something like

    • peach

    • grapefruit

    • FROG Jam (!!!) — I’m not sure if this is a Kentucky thing, but it’s made of figs, raspberries, orange, and ginger—hence the name. And it is sooooo yum.

2. Preserves, baby

  • Taste tests have shown (conducted by yours truly) that the “official” heirarchy of taste goes preserves > jam > jelly.

    • Preserves keep most of the fruit and “preserve” it in sugar, jam contains some fruit and seeds, while jelly has none of the leftovers.

    • So…you get preserves with a chunky consistency and jelly being smooth.

    • If you’re geeking out about the distinctions, read this article from Encyclopædia Britannica.

3. Toast some THICK bread

  • This last tip is going to make the biggest difference in terms of taste and … sorry, calories.

  • You need thick, white bread. Whole wheat, whole what?! White bread tastes better.

    • I use Sara Lee’s Artesano bread and it’s a little pricey for bread but so worth it.

  • I don’t own a toaster… they are hard to clean, take up too much space (I have a lot of kitchen tools that I use way more often than a toaster.) Also #bravelittletoasternightmares

    • I “toast” my bread in butter on my cast-iron skillet. It does the job.


    • Read that again. Again. Now go buy some great butter if you don’t have some already.

    • I was shocked at the difference between generic butter and the pricey stuff.

    • I use Plugra un-salted butter.

I made a big deal about butter.

I love the one I’m currently using—but I’m curious…has anyone tried French butters? I’m excited to try them next.

Happy toasting.


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