Weeknight Chicken Pho

I first fell in love with pho at Lydia House (R.I.P., dear beloved) in Germantown. Since it’s closing and it still being pretty cold in March, I’ve been wanting to create my own soup bowl. Here you have it, in under an hour.

Quinoa Tropical Fruit Bowl

Remember, You Are Your First Priority. You have time to eat a quick breakfast, like this one, in the morning. But you have to put your well-being and happiness as a top priority. You will feel and look so much better in the long run once you start prioritizing your needs.

Cooking Rice Noodles to Perfection

Once you get this down (and it’s easy) you won’t have to worry about ruining your noodles again. Which is great because rice noodles are versatile AF and as you know, affordable whether you’re in school trying to save money or want to spend your money on other things.